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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

Since becoming U.K. Information Commissioner, John Edwards has been busy. Officially taking the reigns January 4, Edwards embarked on a listening tour to learn the ins and outs of the U.K. The former New Zealand Privacy Commissioner gave his first major public speech since heading up the ICO at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive in London last month and joined German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Ulrich Kelber for a “commissioner’s chat” at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, DC. While there, The Privacy Advisor Podcast host Jedidiah Bracy caught up with Edwards in person to discuss his priorities, how he foresees working with other data protection authorities, his thoughts on transborder data flows and the U.K.’s potential changes to it data protection law, and, most importantly, what he’s currently listening to for music.