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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

Hard to believe it, but we’re only days away from a fateful vote in California on what’s called Proposition 24. If approved by the residents of California, Prop 24 will put the California Privacy Rights Act on the books. The law will add an additional layer of privacy protections for California residents and a new privacy compliance regime for businesses. Prop 24 has been hotly debated, especially in recent weeks. And the traditional fault lines between consumer advocacy and industry are not what you might suspect. Behind much of Prop 24, and the CCPA before it, is Alastair Mactaggart. With a background in real estate, Mactaggart has quickly become one of the most influential individuals in the U.S. privacy landscape. I recently had a chance to catch up with Alastair to discuss the ins and outs of Prop 24.