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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Sep 7, 2018

Ask anyone who frequents Defcon, known as a sort of summer camp for hackers, and they'll tell you the attendee roster at the wildly popular white hat event is overwhelmingly male. Rachel Tobac, chair of the board at Women in Security and Privacy, has been going to Defcon to compete in Social Engineering Capture the Flag for the last three years, and winning. She's gained some notoriety for it, including appearing on this podcast twice before. But noticing she was very much in the minority, she decided she didn't just want to go to Defcon this year, she wanted to bring women in privacy and security with her. An effort that initially saw two women winning sponsorships to attend ended in 57 actually boarding a flight to Vegas. In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Tobac tells us how it happened and why it matters.