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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Oct 28, 2022

As we round out 2022, digital technology is further embedding itself into our daily lives. Beyond the smartphone’s ubiquity, wearable sensors proliferate and are found everywhere from the gym to the bedroom. Intimate relationships are formed through dating apps more than ever before. We’re tracked in our cars, in retail establishments and online.

At no time in history has data collection been as prevalent as it is now, and it’s only increasing. But what does that mean for the development of our identities and relationships, particularly for those who are most vulnerable? University of Virginia School of Law Prof. Danielle Citron has long explored these issues, which she’s presented in her new book, “The Fight for Privacy: Protecting Dignity, Identity and Love in the Digital Age.”

I recently caught up with Prof. Citron to discuss her work, and how law – particularly civil rights law – society and privacy pros can all play a role in protecting what makes us human.