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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

May 17, 2019

While it's true privacy and data protection laws are undergoing shifts in many parts of the world, this is especially true for Latin America where there is no shortage of legislative action. Brazil approved its general data protection law last year, and it will come into effect in early 2020. Just as the U.S. is seeing with the California Consumer Privacy Act, Brazil's law is now being amended in all kinds of ways ahead of implementation. Amendments to the LGPD, the acronym used for its formal name in Portuguese, will also establish a new national DPA, and those approvals are expected to reach the country's Senate within weeks. In this episode of the podcast, Rosa Maria Franco, the IAPP's managing director for Latin America and based in Mexico, and Dino Santa Rosa of Brazil discuss the legal landscape in both Mexico and Brazil and what that means for the privacy profession in each jurisdiction.