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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

May 12, 2017

Remember when we all thought the world was going to end once Y2K hit? Sharon Anolik, CIPP/US, spent her early days as deputy attorney for the City of San Francisco strategizing on how to mitigate municipal risks associated with it. Since that time, she's held CPO positions at companies including Ask Jeeves and Blue Cross. These days, Anolik spends most of her time these days helping companies with mergers & acquisitions at her consulting firm, Privacy Panacea. In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Anolik tells Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, abut how important data sets and privacy practices become in negotiating those deals. She also discusses a recent career high: When she got a call from HBO that they wanted her to consult with the company on an upcoming storyline involving privacy for the network's hit show, Silicon Valley. The show recently aired, and Anolik said screening it and seeing what of her advice the show incorporated was thrilling.