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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Sep 1, 2017

This episode of the The Privacy Advisor Podcast features a return guest. Chris Zoladz owns Navigate, a consultancy. His podcast is the most listened to episode since we started this thing, with almost 1,900 listens at the time of this writing. Besides the fact that Chris is a likeable and smart guy, the reason for that is likely because his first podcast with us was about how to prep for the General Data Protection Regulation. He told us all about the ways companies were getting ahead, or, in many cases, falling behind, and where privacy professionals should get started. In this follow-up episode, Zoladz talks to host Angelique Carson on what he advises privacy professionals do if they're not ready for the GDPR, and they know it. Hint: It's not a bad idea to prioritize your regulator- and consumer-facing processes.