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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

The Norwegian Consumer Council made waves in early 2021 after its complaint to Norway's data protection authority, Datatilsynet, against Grindr resulted in an intention to fine the company $12 million, the highest fine ever levied by the nation’s DPA. Grindr responded to the proposed enforcement action, arguing it has refined its consent mechanism, but the case isn't over. The NCC has long worked with other advocacy organizations to bring protections and awareness for consumers around privacy issues in the marketplace. In 2018, they released an in-depth report on “dark patterns” to demonstrate how companies nudge users into making decisions that may not always be in their best interest. IAPP Editorial Director Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP, recently caught up with the NCC’s Finn Myrstad to discuss the NCC's case against Grindr and, more broadly, what companies can do to avoid using dark patterns at the expense of their users.