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The Privacy Advisor Podcast

May 11, 2018

 So, here we are. We’re in that final push to May 25 when the GDPR comes into force. I have to admit to you that I actually, at this point, would love to never use the acronym GDPR ever again. I feel like we’ve written so many stories here at the IAPP and done so many podcasts on the topic that, like you, I’m a little GDPR burned out.

But I first interviewed Chris Zoladz, of Navigate, a consulting firm, in February of 2017, to get a feel for the kinds of questions privacy pros were coming to him with in their GDPR prep and to hopefully give you guys a feel for whether your progress on it was tracking with your peers. It’s our highest rated podcast to date in terms of listens, so, it was clearly something that resonated.

Given that, I interviewed him again in August 2017 for an update on how things were going, so it only felt right that, given we’re in this final stretch before deadline, I should interview him again to get a sense for the finish.

Obviously May 25 isn’t Y2k, and compliance is an ongoing process, as Zoladz will talk about in this episode. But nonetheless, it’s a big date in our profession. So here, Zoladz and I will talk about what folks should be focusing on if they’re scrambling now, and what things look like from a compliance standpoint moving past this historic date.